Feature Releases

Version 3.11.4

Added a New Data Entry flow:  A common scenario after adding an Incident is to add a Person. The flow has been updated to redirect to the Incident Details page after a new incident is added rather than to the Incident Overview page. There is a button on the Details page that takes the user directly to the Person page. This flow has also been added to Person and Person Alleged.

Additional Data Elements Added to SmartGrids: Additional Data Fields have been added to the Incident, Person and Person Alleged SmartGrids. These additional columns are hidden so that the grid is not too crowded. Users can click on the three ellipses in the grid header and select which columns they would like to be visible. 

Version 3.2.12

Contributing Factors: Added AcciMap – If you track Contributing Factors (and possibly Contributing Factor Relationships) you can now export your data in Excel format and use the Cross-Functional Flowchart template in Microsoft Visio to automatically build an AcciMap of your Incident showing the Contributing Factors, their Contributing Factor Types, and any Relationships between the Factors.

Mitigating Factors: Added PreventiMap – If you track Mitigating Factors (and possibly Mitigating Factor Relationships) you can now export your data in Excel format and use the Cross-Functional Flowchart template in Microsoft Visio to automatically build an PreventiMap of your Incident showing the Mitigating Factors, their Mitigating Factor Types, and any Relationships between the Factors.

Create New User: Admin Role Assignment Limit – You may have granted permission for someone to create new users. Now only users who have the built-in Admin Role can create other users with the built-in Admin Role. This does not apply if you create your own custom Role that has admin-level permissions.

Security Message on Login Page after Redirect: If a user attempts to perform an action that they do not have permission to perform they are automatically redirected to the Login page to login with a different account which has the correct permissions. The user is not automatically logged out of the application and can simply press the back button on their browser to return to their previous page. The Login page now displays a warning message that they were transferred to the Login page since they do not have correct permissions for their requested action.

Incident Review Browse Screen: Includes Review Status – The summary page Browsing Incidents to be Reviewed now includes the Review Status to quickly show where Incidents are in the Review process.

Incidents: Default Values set for Lookups –  Most dropdown lists on the Incident submit form require some data entry. Several, such as Incident Type (Adverse Occurrence or Close Call/Near Miss) require that the user make a selection. Other dropdown lists have been set to a default value of ‘Not Selected’ to speed data entry. If that particular field does require a different value, the user will need to select the appropriate value from the list.

Version 3.2.1

Incident: Added Inclusion Type – Inclusion Type is a new lookup table for Incident Event that allows you to track whether an Incident is related to a diversity & inclusion issue. Tracking racial or other identity bias is an important part of your program’s anti-racism initiatives.

Incident: Added Potential Severity Level – In the event that your Incident is a Close Call/Near Miss, you can now enter the Potential Severity Level if this event had resulted in an Adverse Outcome. You may also use this field for an Incident with an Adverse Outcome where you had concerns that it had a higher Potential Severity Level than the actual Severity Level that occurred.

Expanded Severity Level Modal Pop-up: The Severity Level Pop-up which provides the definition and examples of each Severity Level now includes an ellipsis where you can click to toggle additional definition columns. This provides all of the information in one place without having the Modal Pop-up take over the entire screen.

Person & Person Alleged: Added Pre-Existing Condition Lookup and Details – We have added a dropdown list for tracking whether the Person or Person Alleged had a known/unknown/undisclosed Pre-Existing Condition that impacted the event. If there was a Pre-existing Condition, there is now a rich textbox to collect details about the condition.

Person & Person Alleged:  Added Responsiveness Level Lookup – A Responsiveness Level lookup has been added to Person and Person Alleged.

Added new Organization Components: Branch, Course Type, Program Type – In order to allow organizations to provide additional fine-grained tracking of Incidents, we have added three new Organization Customization Components -Organization Branch, Organization Course Type, and Organization Program Type. These are optional dropdown lists for Incident which are customizable by each Organization/Tenant. These are available for customization in the Dashboard section under Configuration/Organization Configuration.