Risk Management Information Systems

Public Cloud Solutions

Shared Hosting Platform with Data Isolation

IncidentAnalytix provides a secure tenant-isolated space on one of our shared servers. Our Public Cloud is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations. You can choose the number of user licenses needed for your organization. Our multi-tenant system securely isolates your data to be accessible only to your designated users. For analytics purposes, we merge anonymized data across other organizations on each Public Cloud expanding your insights by allowing you to compare your trends to larger industry trends.

The IncidentAnalytix Public Cloud is best for smaller organizations who need limited numbers of users. In most situations we can co-locate your organization on a server within a similar industry to provide comparable aggregate analytics from peer organizations.

Public Cloud Licensing

Public Cloud licensing is based on the number of Users who can log into the system simultaneously. Users licenses are purchased on an annual basis. It is possible to add additional licenses at any time which are active for one year from the date of purchase. That means that you can start with a small number of licenses and scale up as needed. You can decrease the number of licenses at the end of a subscription cycle. The IncidentAnalytix Mobile App provides a way for Users to submit data only using a shared account.


We offer the discounts based on the number of annual user licenses. For more than 50 users you may want to consider a Private Cloud Server which offers additional features such as unlimited users, full customization and anonymous reporting.

Number of Licensed UsersAnnual License Fee/User