Visualizing Incident Data through AcciMaps & PreventiMaps

The Systems Thinking approach to incident analysis  developed by Jens Rasmussen starts with identifying the factors that impacted the incident event. In the Safety I approach these are the factors which contributed to the adverse outcome. In the Safety II approach these are the factors that acted to prevent an adverse outcome. 

IncidentAnalytix allows you to track both Contributing Factors and the Mitigating Factors based on a Taxonomy of causation types. You can also identify relationships where one factor impacted another.

Rasmussen’s Systems Thinking approach builds these factors and relationships into a visual map of your incident allowing you to better understand the complex causality and identify where you can best intervene. This short video shows demonstrates how you can easily export your data from IncidentAnalytix and automatically build an AcciMap or PreventiMap from your data using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio.